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Angelo (Ang) Russo

Angelo (Ang) Russo

Roanoke, VA

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I took a very last minute trip to WVU and ended up loving it. The team environment was just incomparable to other schools. After first setting foot on campus with the swim team and coaches I felt an immediate connection that I knew I would not get anywhere else. The athletic facilities and academics were amazing and built to build fast athletes. It's a great day to be a Mountaineer!

West Virginia

West Virginia University

Personal Bests

Name Time
Ryan Kelly 1:41.75
Ryan Kelly 1:54.54
Julia Miranda 52.84
Miranda Marcucci 55.95
Michael Proietto 361.35

Latest Cuts

Name Time
Nathaniel Carr 1:46.45
Andrew Marsh 42.77
Nathaniel Carr 1:45.53
Nathaniel Carr 1:45.53
Andrew Marsh 43.07