Recruit Rankings

Rank Name Power Index
1 Michael Andrew 1.00
1 James Murphy 1.00
1 Dean Farris 1.00
1 Maxime Rooney 1.00
5 Michael Jensen 1.05
6 'aukai Lileikis 1.07
7 Thomas Anderson 1.08
8 Mark Jurek 1.09
8 Cameron Craig 1.09
8 Ted Schubert 1.09

Kalli Behling

Fond Du Lac, WI

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SCSU has everything I am looking for in a college. I loved every minute I was there. The team was amazing and the coaching staff was extremely kind. I felt at home while I was on campus. I am very excited to be continuing my academic and swimming career at SCSU next year. Go Huskies!

Saint Cloud

Saint Cloud State University


Adrian Moya

Doral, FL

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I chose Florida State because I want to be a part of something great. Coach Neal Studd is completely changing the program and making it into something very well worth being a part of. There is a completely new coaching staff, the swimmers are getting faster at an unprecedented rate, and they seem to be recruiting athletes with considerable potential. I also chose it because the team is very easy to get along with, the new coaches seem to be a pleasure to work with, and the engineering building looks great. I hope that I can help the team prosper and I am sure that this will be an amazing influence in my life. I hope to find success both in the pool and in the classroom. Go Noles!!!

Florida State

Florida State University


Tori Willis

Cocoa, FL

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I chose the University of Kentucky because I know I can excel academically and athletically. The coaching staff was extremely welcoming and very enthusiastic. I cannot wait to be apart of such an amazing team. GO CATS!


University of Kentucky