Recruit Rankings

Rank Name Power Index
1 Trey Freeman 1.00
1 Cody Bybee 1.00
1 Jack LeVant 1.00
1 Drew Kibler 1.00
1 Alexei SANCOV 1.00
1 Kacper Stokowski 1.00
1 Richard Marton 1.00
1 Nyls Korstanje 1.00
9 Kieran Smith 1.02
10 Justin Grender 1.04


Drew  Amaral View Drew Amaral profile

Drew Amaral

Carmel, IN

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I chose UConn because the head coach is building a program that will be one to watch in the coming years. UCONN has an excellent business school and an amazing dual meet schedule. I am excited to train and swim in college and realize my dream of D1 swimming.

Celine  Dong View Celine Dong profile

Celine Dong

Placentia, CA

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I chose Biola because it fits everything I need. From a comforting environment to rigorous courses. The aquatics program is very tight knit and everyone is close with another. I cannot wait to be able to continue my studies and swim career and Biola!