Mckenna Meyer

Reno, NV

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I chose San Diego State because I liked the program, the girls on the team, and the coach's. When I went to visit this school I immediately feel in love with the campus and it has all of the academic aspects that I was looking for in a school. The girls made me feel welcome and part of the team right from the start, they acted like we were all part of a big family.

San Diego State

San Diego State University

Personal Bests

Name Time
Alexandria Caplan 342.38
Alexandria Caplan 323.78
Francesca Arredondo 4:59.16
Francesca Arredondo 10:15.73
Rachael Kelch 1:55.11

Latest Cuts

Name Time
Taylor Johnson 22.90
Taylor Young 2:12.58
Summer Harrison 1:58.01
Savannah Miller 49.85
Whitney Weisz 49.95