2 Maxime Rooney
Committed to Florida on February 02, 2015
Vermont Kendra Miller
Committed to Vermont 1 hour, 15 minutes ago
Washington Julia Portmann
Committed to Washington 2 hours, 59 minutes ago
Maine Andrew Majeski
Committed to Maine 6 hours, 16 minutes ago
Ohio State Justin Hove
Committed to Ohio State 9 hours, 5 minutes ago
Coe Conor Backhaus
Committed to Coe 18 hours, 57 minutes ago
Chicago Teddy Edmondson
Committed to Chicago 21 hours, 39 minutes ago
Xavier David Bunnell
Committed to Xavier 21 hours, 40 minutes ago
North Carolina William (Jared) Martin
Committed to North Carolina 21 hours, 54 minutes ago
San Diego Mary Clancy
Committed to San Diego 23 hours, 21 minutes ago
Case Western Michael Ritchey
Committed to Case Western 1 day ago
Delaware Mark Wellborn
Committed to Delaware 1 day ago