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Griff Witte

Webster, NY

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I’m very proud to announce my commitment to St. Bonaventure University. Between the programs the school has to offer and the Swim team’s challenging yet welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to fitting into the Bonnie family next year!

Claire  Schaef View Claire Schaef profile

Claire Schaef

Kennewick, WA

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St. Bonaventure has such a positive team dynamic, where everyone in the community is supportive of one another. At SBU, I found the perfect balance between academics and athletics—we are STUDENT athletes!! The coaching staff create the perfect atmosphere for hard work and success, while mixing in a little fun. I can’t wait to be a Bonnie!!

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Chauncey Nicholas

Monroe, NY

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"As soon as I stepped on campus I knew that St. Bonaventure was the right fit for me. The team and coaches were very inviting and I know I will continue to achieve success and preform at a high level in the pool and in the classroom. I am very eager to swim at St. Bonaventure in the fall. Go Bonnies!!!"

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Alec Thomas

Erie, PA

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I am extremely excited to announce my commitment to St. Bonaventure University! The atmosphere of success and the family culture created by the team is unparalleled. I know this program can help me reach my fullest potential as a student-athlete. I want to thank Coach McNamee for all of his support, and I can't wait to be a Bonnie this fall!

Will  Lowe View Will Lowe profile

Will Lowe

Adams, NY

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I chose St. Bonaventure University because I felt it was the best place to continue my academics while also swimming at the next level on a team with great teammates and coaches that will help push me farther.

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Matt Stanley

Carolina, RI

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I chose St. Bonaventure because I immediately felt welcomed by the coaching staff and team members. Being part of such a close knit family atmosphere is very important to me, and this school offers just that. I feel as though I will be able to grow as both an athlete and a student with the incredible support from everyone. I'm extremely thankful for the coaching staff and everyone else who has helped me through this process and I look forward to being a part of the team for the next four years! Go Bonnies!

Jake  Ruffolo View Jake Ruffolo profile

Jake Ruffolo

Niagara Falls, NY

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I chose St. Bonaventure for the family atmosphere that I was greeted with as soon as I stepped on campus. I'm very excited to be part of a long tradition of athletic and academic excellence. I feel the coaching staff will help me achieve my personal goals and contribute to my growth as a student athlete as well. I'm thankful for my coaches and family for helping me through this process, and look forward to swimming for the next four years at Bonaventure! GO BONAS!

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George Kalletta

Manorville, NY

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I chose St. Bonaventure University because I love the balance of academics & athletics the school has to offer and I really enjoyed how the team acted like a family. I’m thankful to the coaching staff and my family for helping me throughout the process and I look forward to contributing positively to legacy of St. Bonaventure University! Go Bonnies!