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Dylan Boyd

Dylan Boyd

Raleigh, NC

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a top 25 school in the world with an incredible swim program, unbelievably talented coaches and most importantly, athletes. Coming from Australia where there is no sort of collegiate swimming recruitment process, Wisconsin has shown the importance of higher level swimming and how fast someone through proficient training and a clear vision can become. I am more than excited to dominate at Big 10's and NCAA's as a Badger and contribute to a winning team!


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Personal Bests

Name Time
Andrew Pearce 455.63
Matthew Hutchins 21.87
Kevin Pomeroy 595.88
Matthew Aronson 280.95
Kevin Pomeroy 355.73

Latest Cuts

Name Time
Elizabeth (Beata) Nelson 1:58.38
Chase Kinney 22.78
Chase Kinney 22.82
Cierra Runge 16:30.52
Elizabeth (Beata) Nelson 54.21