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Gershwin (Gersh) Greene

Gershwin (Gersh) Greene

Chattanooga , TN

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I chose Virginia Tech because of the immediate connection I felt with the team and coaches. Virginia Tech has all the resources imaginable to not only help me reach my goals as an elite athlete but as a person as well. I am ecstatic to call Virginia Tech my new home! Go hookies!

Virginia Tech

Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)

Personal Bests

Name Time
Avery Wilson 1:09.90
Jason Green 1:03.54
Jason Green 2:12.13
Avery Wilson 4:51.15
Avery Wilson 1:03.08

Latest Cuts

Name Time
Robert (Trey) Freeman 15:41.51
Anne (Anne Shirley) Dassow 56.94
Christopher Butler 2:08.38
John (Jack) Best 1:42.00
Robert (Trey) Freeman 3:56.99