Nicole Pape

Nicole Pape

Rochester Hills, MI

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On the car ride into campus from the airport I already felt like I was at home. That was also the first time I met Coach Sarah Stockwell, and there was an immediate bond. The team itself was like no other group of people I have been around. It was impossible for me to walk away from my trip that weekend and see myself choosing a different path.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech)

Personal Bests

Name Time
Lucas Bureau 43.47
Robert Owen 1:40.60
Norbert Szabo 1:43.37
Norbert Szabo 46.80
Robert Owen 47.01

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Name Time
Lucas Bureau 1:34.46
Norbert Szabo 1:43.60
Sean Workman 1:43.35
Michael Craddock 1:48.40
Zachary Switzer 3:52.77