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Hannah Flak

Hannah Flak

Wittenberg, WI

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I chose this school because of the beautiful facility, the incredible team energy, the coaches, and my overall love for the campus. I have been excited to swim for this team for three years now and after my visit I wanted to swim for this team even more. It makes me overjoyed to have the opportunity swim for such a fantastic team!

UW-Stevens Point

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Personal Bests

Name Time
Nathaniel Somers 4:11.88
Jodi Vanderford 56.91
Katarina Walker-Daniels 317.20
Caleb Meixner 2:06.08
Caleb Meixner 1:58.64

Latest Cuts

Name Time
Nathaniel Somers 15:49.36
UW-Stevens Point 1:21.75
UW-Stevens Point 3:04.38
UW-Stevens Point 1:31.33
Michael Mills 16:10.18