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Jack Thompson

Moline, IL
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When I came for my overnight visit to LFC, I never felt more at home. From the beautiful landscape that is the town of Lake Forest to the friendly and awesome community that is Lake Forest College, everything just fit for me. I was able to connect with the team on a friendly basis and genuinely enjoyed just hanging out with them. I also got to see how amazing their academic facilities are, and I just could not go to any other school. I felt sad leaving the campus once my overnight was done. I genuinely felt like I was a part of the campus and the student life that is provided there. That being said, I could not be happier to see how the next four years play out for me at this amazing school. I cannot wait to see the friends I'll make, and the fun times that will be had.

Personal bests

Name Event Time Imp
Adam Klumb 50 Breast 30.81 +3.2%
Schuyler Kirgan 50 Back 33.88 +6.4%
Henry Neff 100 Free 50.43 +0.3%
Derek Burgin 50 Free 22.49 +0.1%
Henry Neff 50 Back 25.88 +3.9%

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Name Event Time Cut
Remington Greko 100 Free 47.31 IHSA