bruce burns

Vallejo, CA

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I have always been fascinated in the human anatomy and seeing how a lot of my teammates have become injured in football wrestling and swimming I want to learn how to help people recover from their injuries and one day make a profession of it. I like swimming because mainly Im good at it. My sophomore year my first time swimming competitively i was hitting times of 35 seconds at the beginning of the year and at the end i was hitting 25 seconds. Coming close to qualifying for sections i was determined my junior year (2016) where in one meet i dropped two seconds hitting a low 24 and eventually a 23 in the 50m race. I have much potential to be great not just in swimming but in all sports because i try my hardest and focus on bettering my technique just as i do in the class room with my 3.4 gpa where i have took many honors and ap courses. So to conclude "Why" it is simply because this school gives me an opportunity to master sports medicine and the athletic training will allow for me to improve myself.

Southern California

University of Southern California

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Alexander (Alex) Valente 1:43.79
Pawel Furtek 14:48.90
Ralf Tribuntsov 42.51
Ralf Tribuntsov 20.94
Patrick Mulcare 3:42.87

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Southern California 2:52.49
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