Lukas Burchianti

Lukas Burchianti

Saint Johns, FL

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The second I stepped foot on Florida Tech's campus, I knew I was home. I grew up near Jacksonville, FL, so Melbourne's atmosphere wasn't much different to what I am used to. I actively searched for a school that contained high class academics as well as a high performing swimming team. When I visited FIT, I was extremely impressed both academically and athletically. Florida Tech can provide all of the resources necessary in order to overcome any challenges that I will be facing over the next 4 years.

Florida Tech

Florida Institute of Technology

Personal Bests

Name Time
Filip Dujmic 44.79
Victor Furtado 45.22
Nir Barnea 44.50
Yagoh Kubagawa 1:50.76
Nir Barnea 19.84

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Name Time
Florida Tech 2:57.92
Ferruccio Rossi 15:37.07
Nir Barnea 44.86
Filip Dujmic 45.20
Victor Furtado 45.41