2015 Speedo Junior National Championships

  • San Antonio, TX
  • Date

    Jul. 30, 2015 - Aug. 02, 2015

  • Status

    Not Submitted

Unofficial Psyche Sheet

Rank Name Team Time
1 North Baltimore Aquatic Club (A) North Baltimore Aquatic Club 7:06.09 A
2 SwimMAC Carolina (A) SwimMAC Carolina 7:09.51 A
3 York YMCA (A) York And York County YMCA 7:10.06 A
4 Nation's Capital Swim Club (A) Nations Capital Swim Club-MD 7:10.24 A
5 Sarasota YMCA Sharks (A) Sarasota YMCA Sharks 7:14.66 A
6 Aquajets Swim Team (A) Aquajets Swim Team 7:15.80 A
7 Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club (A) Y-Spartaquatics Swim Club 7:16.23 A
8 Lakeside Swim Team (KY) (A) Lakeside Swim Team (KY) 7:16.26 A
9 Patriot Aquatic Club (IL) (A) Patriot Aquatic Club (IL) 7:16.85 A
10 Tualatin Hills Swim Club (A) Tualatin Hills Swim Club 7:17.77 A
11 Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (A) Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics 7:17.95 A
12 Aquazot Swim Club (A) Aquazot Swim Club 7:18.56 A
13 Poseidon Swimming Inc (A) Poseidon Swimming Inc (VA) 7:18.76 A
14 Ozaukee Aquatics (A) Ozaukee Aquatics 7:18.92 A
15 Davis Aquadarts Racing Team (A) DART Swimming 7:20.31 A
16 Winston-Salem YMCA Swim (A) Northwest North Carolina YMCA Riptyde 7:20.56 A
17 Carmel Swim Club (A) Carmel Swim Club 7:20.73 A
18 Santa Clara Swim Club (A) Santa Clara Swim Club 7:21.41 A
19 Gator Swim Club (A) Gator Swim Club 7:21.57 A
20 Fort Collins Area Swim team (A) Fort Collins Area Swim team 7:21.90 A
21 Machine Aquatics (A) Machine Aquatics 7:21.92 A
22 Unattached-Maryland (A) Unattached-Maryland 7:22.02 A
23 YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team (A) YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim Team 7:22.34 A
24 Chattahoochee Gold Swim Club (A) Chattahoochee Gold Swim Club 7:22.60 A
25 Northwestern Uni (A) Northwestern University ST 7:22.71 A