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Theodor Delmonaco

Las Vegas, NV

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Whitman's beautiful campus and aquatic center in Walla Walla, Washington, are the perfect combination of academics, athletics, and location for me. Thank you to Coach Jenn Blomme and the rest of the swim team at Whitman for recruiting me. I would like to thank Coach Tim Hillen in Winston Salem, North Carolina for helping me achieve my goal to swim competitively at a top ranked national college.

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Genesis Lewis

Valencia, CA

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I chose Howard because they’ve achieved greatness in both their athletic and academic programs, which ensures me that I’ll get everything I deserve out of this astounding university. #HU❤️💙

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Meredith Berglund

Carmel, IN

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I am SO excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim and study at The University of South Carolina! I chose USC for the amazing team environment, the coaching staff and academic opportunities! Thank you to my family, friends and coaches who have supported me along the way! #GOCOCKS 🤙🏼🐔🌟🖤

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Maddie Swint

Charleston, WV

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I am so excited to announce my decision to go to the sunny California Institute of Technology! I truly have found my home for the next four years, both in and out of the pool. Not only will I be surrounded by like-minded people and attending the academic institution of my dreams, I will also have the opportunity to swim on the collegiate level. A big thank you to Coach Brabson and literally every coach in the Kanawha Valley for helping me achieve this goal!

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Gavyn Brayman

Seattle, WA

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I chose Occidental because of the small school community, location, and awesome team environment. I value connecting with my teammates and building lifelong friendships as well as striving to shave off as much time in the pool as possible. My goal in the next four years is to break 49.00 in the 100 backstroke!

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katey Lewicki

Louisville, CO

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I am so excited to announce my verbal commitment to NC State! I can’t wait to continue my academic and swimming career at such an amazing place with a great group coaches and teammates. Thank you to my friends, family, and coaches for all their support! Go pack

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Reid Mikuta

Greensboro, NC

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I chose Auburn because when I went down there, it felt like home. I loved it and wanted to be apart of it. The coaching staff is also great and the whole place is amazing. Can’t wait to be apart of it all. WAR DAMN EAGLE

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Ruth Huffman

Fate, TX

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Coach Lindsie has an awesome young swim program that is going to get stronger every year. I look forward to being a part of this team. Augustana U. has anything I could have wanted in a school for the next four years. Go Augies!!!