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Kensley Merritt

Huntersville, NC

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I chose Auburn University for the balance between athletics and academics along with the great relationships I felt with the team and coaches. I can't wait to be a tiger. War Eagle!!

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Brynn Curtis

Herndon, VA

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I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue my academic and athletic career at auburn university and for my friends, family, and coaches who helped me along the way!! I choose Auburn because of their amazing coaches, and welcoming team. War Eagle!!

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Colby Hurt

Williamsburg, VA

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Absolutely thrilled to announce my verbal commitment to swim and study at Auburn University! Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey! Can't wait to be a tiger! WAR EAGLE!

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Drake Stallworth

Fishers, IN

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When I visited the campus and met the coaching staff, I immediately knew it was the right place for me. The best word to describe my experience is “magical”, and I am truly grateful for having this opportunity to compete at such a high level.

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Claudia Thamm

Hatfield, PA

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I am so excited to announce my verbal commitment to Auburn university! I chose Auburn because the dedication and perseverance of the coaches and swimmers are something I cannot even begin to describe. I know the excellence of the university, and their academics will prepare me for whatever future holds! I cannot wait for the four years!! And WAR EAGLE!

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Davis Edwards

New Orleans, LA

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The community and the hard-working coaches and athletes at Auburn University made me feel at home. Combining that with the tradition of excellence, I knew Auburn was the place for me. War Eagle!

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Grady Wheeler

Cincinnati, OH

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I'm excited to announce my commitment to continue my academic and athletic career at Auburn University! With the amazing coaches and team, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I'd like to thank God, my family, and friends for helping along the way. War Eagle!!

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Annie O'Dare

Huntingdon Valley, PA

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I am very excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim and study at Auburn University! Thank you to my family, friends, and all of my coaches who have helped me so much along the way. Can’t wait for the next 4 years!! War Eagle!!

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Tyler Babinec

Milford, OH

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I'm so honoured to start the next chapter of life and announce my verbal commitment to Auburn University! When I went on my visit to Auburn, I didn't want to leave. The campus is beautiful, the facilities are state of the art, and the people here are amazing. I'm so excited to get the education I want while at the same time be engulfed in everything that is Auburn Swimming and Diving. Thank you to the coaches at Auburn for putting together something amazing, thank you to all my coaches throughout the years for putting me together, and thank you to my parents and friends for keeping me together. Here's to the new plains! WAR EAGLE!!!

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Jack Armstrong

Manvel, TX

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Proud to announce my verbal commitment to further my education and swimming career at Auburn University. I’m very excited about the new coaching staff Coach Taylor has assembled and I can’t wait to be apart of such a great program. War Eagle!

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Ella Miller

Shelburne, VT

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So excited to announce my verbal commitment to further my academics and athletics at Auburn University!! Thank you to all my friends, family, coaches and teammates for the ongoing support! #WDE