Recruit Rankings

Rank Name Power Index
1 Trey Freeman 1.00
1 Cody Bybee 1.00
1 Jack LeVant 1.00
1 Drew Kibler 1.00
1 Alexei SANCOV 1.00
1 Kacper Stokowski 1.00
1 Nyls Korstanje 1.00
8 Matthew Willenbring 1.04
9 Kieran Smith 1.08
10 Andrew Abruzzo 1.09


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Jake Foster

Montgomery, OH

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I’m so excited to announce my verbal commitment to swim for the University of Texas in the class of 2023. The incredible team, coaches, facilities, and opportunities for academic success will help me to achieve my goals both in and out of the water. I would like to thank my family, friends, and coaches who have helped me all throughout this process. Hook ‘Em