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Recruit Rankings

Name Power Index
1 Jake Foster 1.09
2 Hunter Armstrong 1.76
3 Jay Johnson 7.44
4 Andrew Bernsdorf 7.80
5 Grady Wheeler 8.59
6 Tyler Babinec 9.03
7 Greg Kalin 9.49
8 Noah Young 9.64
9 Kevin Leibold 10.10
10 Spencer Tussing 10.98


Samuel Ricci View Samuel Ricci profile

Samuel Ricci

Phoenixville, PA
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I Chose Alfred State College because the atmosphere on the campus is nothing like I experienced before. The college has a very nice facility and great coaches. I really enjoyed touring and getting to experience the campus. I want to thank all of my coaches for helping me become the best diver possible with the limited amount of time I had to dive. They always pushed me to try harder and always gave me confidence when I was learning a new dive.
Nick Kale View Nick Kale profile

Nick Kale

Plymouth, MN
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After much thought and consideration I am thrilled to announce my verbal commitment to Purdue University! The coaching staff and team are unlike anything I have seen, and I am so glad to be given this opprotunity. Big thanks to all my competitors, teammates, coaches, family and friends that have gotten me to this point! Cant wait for the next 4 years. Boiler Up!!! 🚂🚂