Recruit Rankings

Rank Name Power Index
1 Cody Bybee 1.00
2 Justin Grender 1.04
3 John Sampson 1.09
4 David Madej 1.46
5 Jason Mathews 1.78
6 Nicholas Perera 1.82
7 Benjamin Kuriger 2.66
8 RJ Kondalski 7.49
9 Josef Pohlmann 7.91
10 Nate Mullens 10.18


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Kayla Smith

Orlando, FL

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I chose GWU because the second I walked in everyone made me feel at home. The coaches, swimmers, and the school was everything I was looking for. I knew it was even more my home when everyone prayed over me before I left for my flight. I can’t wait to be apart of an amazing family and get closer to God. GO DAWGS!

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Oliver Lance

Lititz, PA

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I chose Carnegie Mellon because the combination of academics and CMU's swim program were a perfect match for me. I want to thank my parents and friends who have helped me become who I am today. I look forward to swimming at Carnegie Mellon for the next four years! Go Tartans!