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Recruit Rankings

Rank Name Power Index
1 Cody Bybee 1.00
2 Justin Grender 1.04
3 John Sampson 1.09
4 David Madej 1.46
5 Jason Mathews 1.78
6 Nicholas Perera 1.82
7 Benjamin Kuriger 2.66
8 RJ Kondalski 7.49
9 Josef Pohlmann 7.91
10 Nate Mullens 10.18


Jake  Narvid View Jake Narvid profile

Jake Narvid

Gibbstown, NJ

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Proud to announce my verbal commitment to the University or Utah to continue my academic and athletic career. I would like to thank my coaches, parents, and friends who helped me along the journey.

Griffin  Seaver View Griffin Seaver profile

Griffin Seaver

Carmel, IN

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I am incredibly excited to announce my verbal commitment to continue my academic and athletic career at Purdue University! I would like to thank my coaches, teammates, and family for all of their support. Purdue offers an opportunity for me to excel both in my studies and in the pool. I chose Purdue University because of the great team culture Coach Ross and Coach Barnes have created. I can’t wait to be a part of the Purdue Men’s Swimming family. Boiler up!

View Veronica Boller profile

Veronica Boller

Cowlesville, NY

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I chose Alfred State because not only does it have my specific major, but it also includes a hands on learning environment that is perfect for me. The staff seemed to genuinely care about the students and the overall success rate shows promise. I believe there I will be able to do my best academically and athletically with a very high likelihood of success by the end of my education.

Alli  McFarland View Alli McFarland profile

Alli McFarland

Lexington, OH

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I am so happy to announce my commitment to continue my swimming career at The University of Tampa! I chose Tampa because of both their wonderful school’s reputation, a great coaching staff, and the amazing team atmosphere. Excited to spend the next four years as a Spartan!

Cameron  Collins View Cameron Collins profile

Cameron Collins

San Diego, CA

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I am thrilled to announce my verbal commitment to continue my academic and swimming career at UC Santa Barbara. It is an honor to be part of such an amazing team of swimmers and outstanding coaches and to have the opportunity to take part in the excellent academic programs the university has to offer. I am extremely grateful to my family, coaches, and teammates who have helped me along the way. GO GAUCHOS!!!