Ranking the Classes (M): #1 Michigan

Memo to Michigan assistant Josh White – if you haven’t done so, start putting that PhD to work developing some icebreakers. When the Wolverines assemble for that first team meeting this fall, there will be lot of new faces in the room – twenty freshmen and a new diving coach to be exact. That means icebreakers are in order, and none of those corny ones either because we’re talking college-aged males here and corny doesn’t fly.

Of course, these aren’t just any college-aged males. Despite the numbers, name tags probably aren’t even necessary considering some of these guys have competed against one another for years while other are household names.

The biggest name, of course, is Kyle Whitaker. Whitaker journeys to Ann in Ann Arbor from the Hoosier State with the National High School record in the 200 IM, much as Jason Lancaster did fifteen years ago. Lancaster was a part of one NCAA title in the 800 Free Relay, but Whitaker’s got his sights set higher, noting that the UofM staff " have some past Olympians that are there and some possible future Olympians that I will be able to swim against. I'm excited to contribute.”

Whitaker is joined in Ann Arbor by a pair of his Mare Nostrum teammates, John Wojciechowski and Mike Wynalda. Wojciechowski is the number-one recruit in Arizona while the 6’8” Wynalda is ranked second in the state of Michigan.

Truth is, we could write another 800 words on this class, and we haven’t even touched on Ryu Kamiya, (Japan), Kyle Duckitt (RSA), Sean Ryan, the five other guys from in-state and six divers, but then we’d have to deal with angry letters from other coaches.

Take a look and you’ll see. The class is big, its good and White must have some good icebreakers because the Wolverines have also retained thirteen of last year’s fourteen-man recruiting class. That makes men’s swimming is a one-team proportionality wrecking ball. If Michigan finds itself adding Bowling to tilt the department back towards gender equity, they can thank Bottom. Of course, if Michigan becomes the first team since 1995 to bring the NCAA trophy north of the Mason-Dixon line, well, they can thank Bottom for that too.

1 Whitaker, Kyle IN
1.32 Kamiya, Ryu JPN
1.44 Ryan, Sean TN
1.54 Wojciechowski, John AZ
1.91 Wynalda, Mike MI
1.95 Duckitt, Kyle RSA
3.66 Jaeger, Connor NJ
8.88 Cann, D'voreaux WA
11.43 Ekleberry, Jonathan W MI
12.94 Cole, Riley MI
14.44 Kelch, Zach OH
27.93 Moore, David MI
28.45 Cole, Grant MI
33.44 Oxner, Adam MI
#1 Michigan
#2 Auburn
#3 Southern Cal
#4 Stanford
#5 Virginia
#6 Arizona
#7 Tennessee
#8 North Carolina
#9 California
#10 Purdue
#11 Georgia
#12 Texas
#13 Texas A&M
#14 Florida
#15 SMU
#16 Ohio State
#17 Iowa
#18 Indiana
#19 Northwestern
#20 Harvard
#21 Louisville
#22 Maryland
#23 Minnesota
#24 Navy


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