Ranking the Classes - Others That Catch Our Eye

Ball State – Dave Letterman’s alma mater cleans claims seven in-state signees and every one of them is a difference-maker for the Cardinals.

Boise State – A year after their first league title, the Broncos bolt for a new and tougher conference.  A couple of transfers plus Chelsea Miller help ease that transition.

Cornell – Double digit class should go far in an increasingly deep Ivy League.

Dartmouth – Dartmouth shows that a team can come back from the brink of extinction and enjoy success.  A double-digit class from nearly almost as many states portends good things for this Ivy.

Florida State – Seminoles just miss making the top-25 but for the first time in our memory more Floridians are destined for Tallahassee over Gainesville.  McKayla Lightborn, Ashley Hicks and Ashley Butler lead the way.

Harvard – Half the size of Princeton’s class they’ll need to be twice as good to match the Tigers. They’re good, but not quite that good.

Illinois – Sixteen years of renovations complete (ok, maybe it was six) and the Illini are beginning to attract attention – Cara Chaung stands out.

Liberty – Jake Shellenberg stays busy in first year landing an outstanding class highlighted by Aussie Kirsten Blake.

Navy – When you want to study linguistics and intelligence, Navy is a good place and that’s where Rheanna Vaughn is headed.

Notre Dame – We’re not going to even try to pronounce Mikelle Masciantonio’s name, but as the #2 recruit out of Pennsylvania, the Irish announcer had better start practicing.

Penn – Not a big class, but with Shelby Fortin a good one.

Rutgers – Warner inks a decent Big East-type class and isn’t around to enjoy it.

South Carolina – McGee Moody gets swimmers near and far to take a look at the Gamecocks.  Rachael Schaffer and Kelly Tannhauser are good finds and inroads into Ohio nearly gets USC into top 25.

UCLA – Bruins land Lindsay Fascella and make inroads into the northeast with Massachusetts state champ Anna Senko and Connecticut’s Emily Weir .  

Utah – Once again Greg Winslow convinces one of Arizona’s best (Traycie Swartz) to head north of the Four Corners.