CoSIDA Names 112 Swimmers to ESPN Magazine Academic Teams

The College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) have named 112 swimmers to Academic All-District teams.

Student-Athletes are nominated by their respective sports information directors and selected by regional CoSIDA members to the Academic All-District Team. All first-team members are then considered as candidates for one of 816 Academic All-American awards (for all NCAA and NAIA Championship sports).

The phrase "Academic All-America" is a registered trademark of CoSIDA and differs from the CSCAA Academic All-American program. Applications for the CSCAA are due to Stan Crump by June 15th.

Matt Karmondy Air Force 1st Team 3.85 Aeronautical Engineering
Vlad Polyakov Alabama 1st Team 3.85 Pre-business
Stewart Smith Alabama 1st Team 3.85 Business management
Cindy Barner Albright 1st Team 3.94 Sociology, Criminology, Spanish
Emily Mason Arizona 1st Team 3.35 Journalism
Byron Jeffers Arizona 1st Team 3.77 Accounting
Lauren Duerk Auburn 1st Team 3.96 Pre-Med
Margaret Hoelzer Auburn 2nd Team 3.33 Psychology
Kurt Cady Auburn 2nd Team 3.73 Civil Engineering
Doug Van Wie Auburn 2nd Team 3.56 Graphic Design
Stepanie Lantz Bentley 1st Team 3.85 Accountancy
Stacy Claxton Bryn Mawr 1st Team 3.96 Spanish, Mathematics
Adam Freeman Bucknell 2nd Team 3.60 Mechanical Engineering, Economics
Jennifer Brankovsky Buffalo 2nd Team 3.65 Biomedical Science
Chris Pearson Carnegie Mellon 1st Team 3.87 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nathaniel Chapman Carthage 2nd Team 3.80 Computer Science
Tommy rappold Clemson 1st Team 3.96 Computer Information Systems
Vonni Moorman Coe 1st Team 3.94 Biology, general sciences
Emily Hall Concordia-Moorhead 1st Team 3.60 Biology
Kate Kovenock Connecticut College 1st Team 3.60 Philosophy
Sara Stephens Delaware 2nd Team 3.78 Elementary Education
Michaela Amereller Denver 1st Team 3.76 International Business
Kathryn Ness Duke 2nd Team 3.95 Electrical Engineering
Samantha White Emory 1st Team 3.84 Neuroscience and Behavioral Bio
Brandon Burk Emory 1st Team 3.82 Business Administration
John Sutter Emory 1st Team 3.82 International Studies, Journalism
Vipa Bernhardt Florida 1st Team 3.82 Music Performance, IDS
Justin Zumsteg Florida 1st Team 3.97 Astrophysics, Astronomy
Zach Wilcox Florida 2nd team 3.49 Aerospace, mechanical engineering
Billiana Cokovik Florida Southern 1st Team 4.00 Computer Science
Emily Breen Florida State 2nd Team 3.81 Elementary Education
Taylor Simpson Gardner-Webb 1st Team 4.00 English, Spanish
Samantha Arsenault Georgia 1st Team 3.82 Science Education
Leslie Williams Georgia Southern 2nd Team 3.97 Psychology
James lawler Harvard 1st Team 3.51 Romance language & literature
Noelle Bassi Harvard 2nd Team 3.50 Psychology
Haley Denton Henderson State 1st Team 4.00 Sociology
Beth Groselle Hiram 2nd Team 3.31 Mathematics management
Cassandra Cardinell Indiana 1st Team 3.81 Telecommunications Technology
Marc Carlton Indiana 2nd team 3.54 Computer Science, Audiology Tech
Kristen Kendierski Indianapolis 1st Team 3.86 Physical Education
Steve Barnes Ithaca 2nd Team 3.65 Television-Radio
Jonathan Kleinman Johns Hopkins 1st Team 3.67 Neuroscience
Diana Smimova Johns Hopkins 2nd Team 3.76 Chemical Engineering
Jessica Chang JohnsHopkins 1st Team 3.88 Biology
Elizabeth Garlow Kalamazoo 2nd Team 3.93 Spanish, Psychology
Travis Brennion Kenyon 1st Team 3.51 Honors economics
Gabriel Rodrigues Kenyon 1st Team 3.72 Honors Economics, Spanish Literature
Greg Fulkerson Kutztown 2nd Team 3.89 Elementary Education, Social Studies
Leon Cannizzaro Louisiana State 1st Team 4.00 Biology
Geza Szabo Maryland-Baltimore County 2nd Team 3.74 Financial Economics
Laura Armbruster Miami 1st Team 3.95 Zoology
Amy McCullough Michigan 2nd Team 3.65 Movement Science, Sports Mgmt.
Christian Vanderkaay Michigan 2nd Team 3.69 Biology
Justin Mortimer Minnesota 1st Team 3.43 Physics
Bill Gaul Missouri-Rolla 1st Team 4.00 Engineering
Andy Shelley Missouri-Rolla 1st Team 4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Erika Norris New York University 2nd Team 3.57 Graphic Design, Studio Art
Matt Cull New York University 2nd Team 3.64 Film
Ana Ossa NJ Tech 1st Team 3.97 Electrical Engineering
Seth Hoffman North Carolina State 1st Team 4.00 Mechanical Engineering
Sierra Binek Northern Colorado 1st Team 3.97 Chemistry
Kelli barton Notre Dame 1st Team 3.93 Theology, Political Science
Patrick Davis Notre Dame 2nd Team 3.75 Engineering, Computer Science
Emily Gruenhagen Ohio Northern 1st Team 4.00 Pharmacy
Nick Frankle Ohio Northern 1st Team 4.00 Accounting
Lindsey Jakubchak Ohio Northern 2nd Team 3.70 Criminal Justice
Mitch Richeson Ohio State 1st Team 3.98 Computer Science
Kellen Harkness Ohio State 2nd Team 3.90 Operations mgmt., business
Katie Lohnes Ohio Wesleyan 1st Team 3.96 Journalism, Speech
Deirdre Dlugonski Penn State 1st Team 3.95 Kinesiology
Louis Paul Purdue 1st Team 3.76 Management, accounting
Giordan Pogioli Purdue 2nd Team 3.76 Computer Graphics Technology
Trevor Harp Redlands 1st Team 3.89 Biology
Kyle Keller Redlands 1st Team 3.64 Undeclared
Patrick Fell Rensselaer 1st Team 3.96 Information Technology
Kelly Tessar Saint Louis 1st Team 3.93 Occupational Therapy
Matt Miklius Seton hall 1st Team 4.00 Physics
Ashley Johnson Seton Hall 2nd Team 3.74 Elementary Education, Psychology
Hallie Blunck Sewanee 1st Team 3.93 English
Matt Martelli Sewanee 1st Team 3.73 Biology
Jen Zuzak Slippery Rock 1st Team 3.00 Exercise Science
Holly Hodges South Carolina 2nd Team 3.97 Sport & Entertainment Management
Marisa Kozak Southern California 2nd Team 3.80 Communications
Blythe Hartley Southern California 2nd Team 3.64 Communications
Andrea Johnson Southern Illinois 1st Team 4.00 Special Education
Mike Shaw Springfield 1st Team 3.84 Physical Therapy
Dave Linn St. Thomas 1st Team 3.98 Biology
Daniel Klee Tampa 1st Team 3.87 Government & World Affairs
Alisa Schuknecht Texas 1st Team 3.91 Nutrition
Jennifer Irby Towson 1st Team 3.73 Early Childhood Education
Diana Betsworth Truman State 1st Team 3.94 Exercise Science
Sarah Dance Truman State 1st Team 4.00 Exercise Science
Tristan Jones Univ of Connecticut 2nd Team 3.96 Actuarial Science
Anne Melvin UW-LaCrosse 1st Team 3.82 Nuclear medicine tech
Elizabeth Miles UW-LaCrosse 1st Team 3.84 Social Studies, history
Garth Newport UW-Stephens Point 2nd Team 3.91 Business Administration
Thomas Petykowski Virginia Military Institute 1st Team 4.00 Civil Engineering
Neil Savage Virginia Tech 2nd team 3.90 Marketing
Zack Fayne Washington University 1st Team 3.97 Economics, Psychology
Alex Antilla Washington University 2nd Team 3.81 International & Area Studies
David Lutz Wayne State 1st Team 3.72 Civil Enginering
Karl Swanson Western Kentucky 2nd Team 3.73 Finance
Serena Fadel Whitworth 1st Team 3.90 Biochemistry
Cory Bergman Whitworth 1st Team 3.94 Biology, Religion
Alisa Flatter Wilmington 1st team 3.98 Biology
Ashley Johnson Wilmington 2nd Team 3.98 Secondary education
Christy Cousins Wingate 1st Team 3.94 Communication Studies
Jessica Herman Wingate 1st Team 4.00 Biology
Eric Wiesner Wisconsin 2nd Team 3.52 Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Austin Carter Wooster 1st Team 3.94 Physics
Elizabeth Roesch Wooster 2nd Team 3.24 Women's studies