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Ryan Warrick

Johnston, IA

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I was looking for a strong team where I could make a difference. When I visited St. Ambrose something clicked. The team is young, and has amazing potential. I am excited to become a part of that and see where we can go. Go Bees!

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Sean McMahon

Macon, GA

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Seeing what SCAD had to offer was something that not only convinced me to attend, but also blew my mind in terms of what I could do. There are so many things that I enjoy, writing being one of many, that I can pursue at SCAD, and the swim team just makes it a wrap. Talking to Coach Bill and the team has given me an awesome view of the team, and I fully look forward to and anticipate being a complete book nerd with some of my fellow teammates. SCAD offers everything I could want, and the Bees are a team that could make anyone feel at home.