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Championship Meets

  • Annapolis, MD
    • Completed
    • Feb. 28, 2020 - Mar. 01, 2020
  • York, PA
    • Completed
    • Feb. 13–16, 2020


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Carlos Pinga

South Burlington, VT
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I'd like to thank my family, friends, coaches and the Greater Burlington YMCA Nationals Team who got me to where I am today. Shout out to @ r_kurian25, the_doctor2718, surf32, dolan.roberts1, maddie_desjardi, swimmoose13, jacobwahlberg01, mgb1112, donovanphipps, jake0_08, julia.swim232, phishphins, dross_99, Coach Parsely, Coach Chris, and the rest of the Mad Lad Army for welcoming me into their knighthood with open arms. There's also a castle which is pretty cool. #MadLadArmy #midnightzoom!
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Ginge D'Angiolillo

Rockaway, NJ
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I am proud to announce I have committed to Stevenson University. Upon visiting Stevenson I observed the familial bond between students, staff, athletes, coaches as well as the strong academics. I cannot wait to spend the next four years as a Mustang!