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Mitchell Stoddard

San Diego, CA

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I am proud to say that I have committed to the University of California San Diego to further my education and swimming career. I am excited to become part of an amazing team with an exciting future. The academic excellence, the welcoming team and supportive coaching staff, and the beautiful location are everything I could hope for in a school.

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Joey Fitzsimmons

Puyallup, WA

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My visit sold me on the school quickly! Coach Jeff was able to answer all my questions and impressed me with his vision of the direction of the swim program. Concordia also had a large selection of majors and the teacher to student ratio is lower than other schools I researched. Irvine is also a great location with quick access to Beaches, Disney, and Los Angeles

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Nathaniel Lee

San Jose, CA

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I can proudly say that I verbally commit to UC San Diego. I am so thankful and excited to be swimming under Coach David Marsh and Coach Marko Djordjevic while furthering my education with UC San Diego's remarkable computer science programs. I knew from the moment I met the team that this was the university for me. Now I can't wait to become a part of the Triton family and go past my limits. GO TRITONS!!!

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Christian Meyer

Cathedral City, CA

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I feel so honored to announce my verbal commitment to swim for FPU. My first phone call with Coach Christensen made FPU one of my top choices for swim. His passion and commitment to the sport was evident. The team is close and their dedication to swim and one another is something I want to be a part of. The moment I stepped on the pool deck and campus I felt at home. I can't wait to begin the next four years swimming and studying at such an amazing school surrounded by amazing people. Go Sunbirds!!

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Ivan Kurakin

Larkspur, CA

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I chose UC San Diego because of the combination of top-notch academics and an incredible team culture. This team is on the rise and I am excited to be a part of something very special and spend a few years of my life in beautiful San Diego. Go Tritons!!!

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Tenny Chong

Arcadia, CA

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I chose University of California, San Diego because I felt right at home the moment I stepped onto the beautiful campus. The team's bonded atmosphere and enthusiasm for swimming was incredible. I know I will be able to thrive as both an athlete and a student because of the amazing coaches along with the various academic opportunities. Accompanied by a great academic prestige and an exceptional swim program, UCSD was definitely the perfect fit for me! GO TRITONS!!!