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Connor Mitsch

Naperville, IL

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The University of Illinois-Chicago is a great fit for me. The team environment is amazing and provides perfect opportunities for improvement as a swimmer, student, and person. I love Chicago and there is nowhere I'd rather attend than UIC. Go Flames!

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Will Gayne

Nottingham, GBR

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I chose this university because I will enjoy competing and training with such a competitive team whilst studying. The facilities and team atmosphere which I have seen online look amazing, I cant wait to contribute to the team.

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Cameron Moran

Dundee, MI

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Coming from a small town, I feel I wanted something bigger and you don't get much bigger than a college campus in Chicago. The campus felt comfortable and the athlete dorms were beautiful. Everything there seems new and polished. Everything is in walking distance as well. The pool was the best that I have seen from my other visits and the facility was wonderful. UIC has the degrees that I wish to pursue, which is the main reason I am going here, since I plan on going towards math and Engineering.

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Kevin Lingle

Temperance, MI

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I chose IUPUI because of the coaching staff, the atmosphere during swim meets, and the friendliness of the team. IUPUI was the first big pool I was able to swim at when I was younger and since then I have always loved the pool and the surrounding city. I can't wait to start swimming as a Jaguar in the fall. Go Jags!

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Gabriel Trevino

Zeeland, MI

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I chose Oakland University because I liked how I fit in with the team. Oakland is a great school that I believe will give me a future I can rely on. I was very impressed at how close the team at Oakland was. The work ethic at Oakland made it easy to know that I as well as the team will have a bright future.

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Eric Weng

Aurora, IL

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The University of Illinois at Chicago was a school that was set apart from all others. The environment of the team and the city of Chicago gave me exactly what I wanted for my future. I felt that the team fits me very well for my speed and my events, so that I can improve and still grow as an athlete. The team members and staff give me a lot to look forward to. In addition, the University of Illinois at Chicago excels in the major I want to study for my career.

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Tarek Aboelthana

Fork Union, VA

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I am really excited to join the Oakland swim program! Not only does Oakland have an outstanding academic program, but also an awesome coaching staff and training group. I can't wait to be on campus and be a Golden Grizzly!

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Rudy Aguilar-Fernandez

Waterford, MI

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Oakland University has been quite the home to me in terms of hosting many meets and creating memories of going fast times. I am very familiar with the fast pool and feel very comfortable in continuing my journey as a competitive swimmer here as it is 20 minutes away from everything I do (especially my Faith life). Although the pool has served its purpose, I have also been influenced and coached by people throughout my 8 years of swimming who have gone and swam for Oakland and the tradition is very powerful as I see a team slowly rising to someday become something truly special in the Division 1 competitive environment. I know that Coach Pete Hovland will provide me with the attention needed to help me get closer to my full potential in the sport. Not only swimming wise has this choice influenced me, but more importantly the great academics this school offers. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me as I continue my journey being a Golden Grizzly. WEAR THE BEAR!

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Adam Flowers

St. Albert, AB

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I am joining the Golden Grizzlies because I feel like the cohesive team, the experienced coaching staff, and the tremendous facilities will all help me reach my swimming goals of becoming a varsity and Canadian national team contributor, and the school, with its gorgeous campus and small classes will provide me with a solid foundation to pursue my continuing education.