I have chosen Cleveland State University for their outstanding swimming program and facilities as well as their reputation for academic excellence. I am very grateful for the opportunity to swim under such enthusiastic coaches and with such a great group of teammates. I am very much looking forward to my future as a Viking.

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Connor Mitsch

Naperville, IL

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The University of Illinois-Chicago is a great fit for me. The team environment is amazing and provides perfect opportunities for improvement as a swimmer, student, and person. I love Chicago and there is nowhere I'd rather attend than UIC. Go Flames!

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Will Gayne

Nottingham, GBR

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I chose this university because I will enjoy competing and training with such a competitive team whilst studying. The facilities and team atmosphere which I have seen online look amazing, I cant wait to contribute to the team.

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Cameron Moran

Dundee, MI

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Coming from a small town, I feel I wanted something bigger and you don't get much bigger than a college campus in Chicago. The campus felt comfortable and the athlete dorms were beautiful. Everything there seems new and polished. Everything is in walking distance as well. The pool was the best that I have seen from my other visits and the facility was wonderful. UIC has the degrees that I wish to pursue, which is the main reason I am going here, since I plan on going towards math and Engineering.