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Willem Stoll

South Salem, NY

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Franklin & Marshall is a truly amazing school with programs for exactly what I would like to study, as well as an amazing swim team that is like a family! I'm very excited to swim and study along side them! Go Diplomats!

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Dylan Torrance

Princeton, NJ

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I am thrilled to be swimming with Coach Karin Colby at Swarthmore next year. From the student led nature of the school to an education of the highest calibre, Swarthmore really seemed like the right place for me. When I visited the team, it was clear that there was a culture of healthy competition and the swimmers truly cared for each other in an incredible way. Go Garnet!

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Logan Cort

Brookeville, MD

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Dickinson will be my home for the next four years due in no small part to Coach Richards as well as a competitive and fun conference and a great group of guys on the team. GO RED DEVILS!

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Ethan Bergmann

Rogersville, MO

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I can't wait to head to Swarthmore College next year! Coach Colby has a true focus on development both in and out of the pool and I know I will find success under her guidance! I'm very excited to join a team on the rise! The liberal arts philosophy at Swarthmore makes it the perfect school for me to pursue my variety of academic interests. Go Garnet!!