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Zac Zwijacz

Saratoga Springs , NY

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The moment I stepped on Campus I felt right at home feeling welcomed by both the team and coaches. Penn State is the best place for me with the combination of both top rate academics as well as athletics. I can’t wait to begin my college career as a Nittany Lion! We Are! #PRIDERISING #BLUEprint.

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Nicholas Sherman

Peyton, CO

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I am excited to announce my commitment to Purdue University! The outstanding academic and athletic programs give me the opportunity to further pursue my goals. Thank you to everyone who helped push and motivate me to this point. Boiler up!

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Caleb Babb

Jacksonville, IL

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The University of Iowa is an amazing school and Coach Long has the Hawkeye swimming and diving teams doing great! I'm excited to become a Hawkeye at such a wonderful time. Go Hawks!

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Andrew Zhang

Wexford, PA

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The most appealing aspect of Northwestern University is its unbeatable student body, tightly-knit swim team, and supportive staff. Their focused mindset and personalized attention ensures the success of everyone throughout their journey in both college and in life beyond -- whether it be academically, athletically, personally, or professionally. I know that in these next four years, my coaches/mentors--Jarod and Alec--will provide me with their expertise and experience aimed at greatness; can't wait to experience the "Northwestern" way! GO WILDCATS!!! #B1G

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Anze Fers

Ljubljana, SLO

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I choose Iowa because of the amazing swimming program and great coaching staff combined with great academic opportunities. I believe Iowa will be the best place for me to continue my academic and swimming journey. Go Hawks!

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Brandon Meier

Simpsonville, SC

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I chose to swim and study at Purdue University because of its great academic reputation, phenomenal coaching staff, and tight knit team atmosphere. I am beyond excited to be a Boilermaker next year, and I cannot thank my coaches, family, and teammates enough for getting me where I am today. Boiler Up!

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Michael Brinegar

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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I am excited to have the opportunity to train alongside and learn from 2016 Olympic Gold Medalists Blake Pieroni, Cody Miller and Lilly King as well as current USA World Championship team member Zane Grothe. I am also looking forward to joining several of my former Indiana age group friends and competitors to train and compete together. Having spent most of my life in southern Indiana, I have enjoyed watching the recent resurgence of Indiana Swimming under Ray Looze, highlighted by Rio Gold Medalists Pieroni, Miller and King. The atmosphere of championship expectations is one I look forward to joining and I cannot thank Mark Schubert enough for preparing me for this next step. GO BIG RED!