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Ryan Kaplan

South Setauket , NY

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I chose Marist College because I wanted to join a competitive swim team that woud push to become my best while pursuing my acdamics at a top school.


Marist College


Annie Norris

Houston, TX

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I am so happy I found an amazing school where I can pursue what I’m interested in, and be a part of such a close-knit and competitive team.


Lehigh University

Cyrus Morrison

Cyrus Morrison

Redwood City, CA

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“I am proud and grateful to announce my verbal commitment to Cornell University to continue my academic and swimming career beginning Spring 2018! Thank you to Coach Wes, Coach Jordan and the Men’s team for having me out. I immediately felt at home with everyone at Cornell and excited to join them in a couple of months. Thank you to my wonderful family, awesome teammates and friends for your support. Special thanks to Coach Tony and Coach Dana for helping me get where I am today!”


Cornell University


Kevin Spear

Reading, MA

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The most important factor for me while choosing where I am going to spend my college years is finding a place where I can get a great education and be able to advance my swimming career simultaneously. After learning about Drexel's five year co-op program and the LeBow College of Business I had no doubt in my mind that this is the type of education I want to pursue. I was also very excited to hear about all of the resources the athletic department has available to students to aid in success both inside the pool and the classroom. Coach Braun and Coach McKenzie have been great to work with throughout the recruiting process and after getting a glimpse at the way they run their team and the type of training environment they encourage I am very optimistic about my continued success in the pool. What really sealed the deal for me was the team itself. After my recruiting trip the guys had already made me feel like I was a part of the team and as a result I am beyond enthusiastic to spend the next four years as part of the Drexel family.


Drexel University