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Yvette Smith

Gainesville, FL

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I chose Brandeis because of its small community of students and professors who are genuinely intellectually curious and have many multi-faceted interests. The academics at Brandeis are phenomenal and I am specifically interested in the Global Studies major, which is unique to Brandeis. I also chose Brandeis for it's strong community of student athletes with the swim team, which I have committed to swim with. Coach Mike has a positive and motivational tactic for training and I am very excited to be a part of that group of students. Coming from a small town in Florida, the proximity Brandeis has to Boston and the change of scenery was also a huge draw. I feel at home on campus and see myself fitting in perfectly at Brandeis and am so excited about this upcoming year.


Brandeis University


Francis Biagioli

Allendale, NJ

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I chose Denison because, for me, it has the perfect combination of athletics and academics. The coaching staff is unparalleled and the teammembers help create an environment that is both competitive and enjoyable. GO BIG RED!


Denison University

Recruit Rankings 2016 Men

2 James Murphy
Committed to Stanford on October 24, 2015
3 Dean Farris
Committed to Harvard on October 02, 2015
4 Maxime Rooney
Committed to Florida on February 02, 2015
5 Michael Jensen
Committed to California on October 10, 2015
6 'aukai Lileikis
Committed to California on November 10, 2015
7 Thomas Anderson
Committed to Arizona on November 03, 2015
8 Mark Jurek
Committed to Southern California on November 12, 2015
9 Cameron Craig
Committed to Arizona State on September 28, 2015
10 Frederick (Ted) Schubert
Committed to Virginia on October 09, 2015
11 Grant Shoults
Committed to Stanford on July 25, 2015
12 Thomas (Tommy) Cope
Committed to Michigan on October 02, 2015
13 William Macmillan
Committed to Stanford on October 22, 2015
15 Daniel Hein
Committed to Missouri on September 30, 2015