Avidasports Performance Rankings

The Avidasports Performance Rankings offer the media, coaches, teams, and swimming fans the most innovative and accurate rankings available of both men and women teams across the country.

The rankings measure each team’s performance against their past performances and those of other programs. The focus on performance and improvement offering fans a statistical snapshot of team performance in each of the three college divisions. For more information how the rankings are generated go to the bottom of the page. Complete ranking data is available to registered coaches.

Rankings Methology

  1. The first column is the average ranking of a team's Performance and Improvement Metrics.
  2. The second column (Performance) ranks the teams average percentile rank based on their athletes’ times compared to other athletes in the same division in the same event (the lower the percentile the better).
  3. The third column (Improvement) ranks teams based on improvement of an athlete’s time compared to in-season best times (the higher the percentage the better).
  4. Rankings are taken from Hy-Tek result files received from teams by 12:00 CST each Tuesday.  Percentile and Improvement indicators are averaged for teams swimming in multiple meets.
  5. Teams must have a minimum of 24 swims to be ranked.

About AvidaSports:

Avidasports, based in Harper Woods, Michigan, works to challenge athletes to achieve their personal best by providing coaches and athletes a competitive training edge by measuring and syncing audio and performance metrics in real time and post training analysis.  Eight metrics are instantly measured on an entire team including stroke count, stroke tempo, length time, average distance per stroke, average speed, breakout time, kick count, and kick tempo.  Using an ear bud, athletes can hear two of these metrics in their ear at every length and coaches can talk directly to their swimmers while they train.  All of the information is stored for viewing by the coach and athlete on the internet after practice.  For more information go to www.avidasports.com.