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Robinson Molina

Valencia , VEN

My name is Robinson Molina and I' m a Venezuelan swimmer. I have eighteen years old and I am looking for a University where I can study and continue my swimming workouts for high competition. I recently graduated from high school and I have an intermedia level of English. Regarding my swimming career, I am part of the national team since 2011 and I had participated in several international competitions from South American, Central American , world junior championship Dubai 2013, 2014 Nanjing junior Olympics and Toronto 2015 Pan American, i recently was bronze medalist in the world junior championship Singapore 2015 in the 50m backstroke. My principal style is backstroke some of my times are: 50 backstroke: (25.54) 100 backstroke: (56:17) 200 backstroke: (2:05.82) I got really interested in your education program and how you combine it with the sports, I want to study nutrition and I wanted to know that kind of scholarship can offer me your university. I think submit SAT in October after the Olympic period and start the new university Thank you very much for your time and I am looking forward to hear from you very soon. If you need any other information, don't hesitate to contact me.


University of Arizona

Performance dashboard

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5 California 1:29.55
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7 California 1:29.72
8 Justin Lynch 1:48.66
9 Trenton (Trent) Williams 4:32.98
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Jay Litherland 1:36.36
Tynan Stewart 1:45.60
En-Wei Hu-Van Wright 43.42
Evan White 1:45.84

Recruit Rankings 2015 Men

1 Andrew Seliskar
Committed to California on October 15, 2014
2 Simon Lamar
Committed to Stanford on September 30, 2015
4 Francis (Townley) Haas
Committed to Texas on December 23, 2014
5 Aidan Burns
Committed to Georgia on October 25, 2014
6 Michael Thomas
Committed to California on October 17, 2014
7 Nicholas (Nick) Norman
Committed to California on September 10, 2014
8 Logan Houck
Committed to Harvard on October 25, 2014
9 Sean Tate
Committed to Duke on November 06, 2014
12 Kyle Grissom
Committed to Southern California on October 10, 2014
13 Carsten Vissering
Committed to Southern California on November 13, 2014
14 Alexander (Alex) Valente
Committed to Southern California on October 19, 2014
15 Vincent Everman
Committed to Navy on December 14, 2014